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Service before, during and after the sale. I don't stop taking care of you just because the project is done. You call, I answer, I deliver. It's that simple. Read some of the client testimonials if you don't believe me!


Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. I bring a "different perspective" to every project. I'll play devil's advocate... sometimes for fun but most of the time to help you see your project from a clear and new point of view.   Check Out My Work!  


My motto is "get it in and get it out". Your project won't stall out and drag on forever 'cause I don't get paid until the work is DONE! Rest assured, your project will get done lickety-split!
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What They Say About Me

No excuses. Total, exceptional quality.  Jennifer Brower handles everything; the website, the printed materials, oversees hosting, and all our artwork. She does the work of an entire marketing team without having to hire a marketing team.

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with, creative, organized, courteous and did a fantastic job keeping our group on schedule to meet our printing deadline. It was refreshing to work with such an artistic person who is also fastidiously detail oriented, a unique combination!

Creative, organized, on-time, responsive… Just a few of the reasons that Jennifer Brower has been our association’s first-choice for graphic design for over a decade

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did on our latest project! The advertising postcards are fantastic. You created beautifully designed pieces that I know will generate business for my insurance agency. I was amazed at the quick turn-around time and, when I described what I basically wanted to convey to my potential customers, you listened and returned with a better design than I expected. I look forward to working on our next project together very soon.

Random Musings

What Does Constructive Criticism for Design Look Like?

This is a great article for designers and clients! Vague or nonconstructive criticism is difficult to manage in the design process not to mention in life! by Roberto Blake @ At its core, design is about communication. Constructive criticism is a part of that, but it’s something that many designers need but seldom actually receive. Designers […]

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